A Purple Affair

Purples have been dominating venues in 2016. From weddings to graduations and homecoming events, shades of purple, including Lilac, Lavender, Eggplant and even Prune, are adding their royal flare to everyone’s attire.
But with a plethora of purples to choose from, it may become difficult to choose just one or a combination of two. That’s why we are here to give our expertise on the matter, plain and simple, eliminating the guess work.
Lilac has been the most popular purple of 2016, staying at the #1 top choice for the entire wedding and graduation season. It’s a refreshing and subtle purple suitable for all seasons, from the ridged white of winter to the warm colours of spring.
Lavender is a close runner-up. While a deeper purple than Lilac, it gives more of a noticeable pop—perfect for occasions where you want to be noticed amidst a crowd of fellow formal enthusiasts. If the deep colour of Lavender doesn’t suit your fancy, and you prefer a much subtle shade, then Light Lavender might be your colour.
The darker side of the purple, Eggplant and Prune, reign alongside the other popular purples, adding elegance and sophistication to any attire and event. While most popular in the fall and winter seasons, these darker purples can be utilized in any other season, providing a rich and contrasting colour to any bright setting. 
​We recommend either the Prune (238) or Purple (21) to glam up your attire with a sense of royalty and elegance. 
With a wide variety of purples for each season, you can remain elegant, trendy, and sophisticated throughout the entire year. Don’t limit yourself to a simple purple, witness the vast shades of purples we have available.
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