Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions! If your questions are not answered within this page please feel free to message us. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. 

1. Can I mix and match colors?mr bow tie, bow ties and suspenders
Yes! Of course you can mix colors for your bow tie and suspenders set. We understand that everyone is looking for something different! See below for the link to our mix and match page. All you have to do is select your size and then the color that you would like your bow tie and suspenders to be. It's simple!

Mix and Match Bow Tie and Suspenders Page

2. How much are your bow ties and suspenders sets?
All our bow tie and suspenders sets vary in prices based on size. They range from $38.00 for a toddlers set up to $58.00 for an adults set. Individual bow ties range from $27.00-$30.00 (specialty patterned bow ties may be slightly more in cost). 


how to make bow ties 3. What does "production time" mean?
Our bow ties and suspenders at Mr. Bow Tie are all made-to-order (neck ties excluded). This means that our products are not made until after the product has been purchased! As a result we have a production time that does not include shipping time. The production time is the time it takes for us to make your order. We always have our updated production times posted on our "Home Page". 


4. Will the fabric color I see on screen be the same as when I see it in person?
This is always a tough one. As all computer monitors vary in brightness and color, you can't always assume it will be the exact same color. All our product photos are real pictures of each product and we tend to take the pictures in a way to best show its true color. 

Fortunately, to best prevent this there is a color swatch sample that can be purchased for each color. This is a 2x2 inch sample of the actual fabric that is sent to your home to physically see the color and match it with anything you are trying to match. This will ensure 100% accuracy. 


5. Can I pick up my order from your store front?
We are a 100% online business and all orders are shipped out on a regular basis once they have gone through production. 


6. How can I purchase a color swatch?color swatch - kids bow ties
Easily and we highly recommend it! On the bottom of each page listing you can select "Color Swatch". The cost is $1.00 for each sample that will be shipped directly to your home. 


8. Where do you ship to?
Good question! We ship across Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand. If you live outside of these areas please message us as we may be able to set up shipping for you. Orders from the USA are shipped from Washington. All other orders are shipped from British Columbia, Canada. 


9. Why does my order default to Canadian Dollars (CAD) at checkout?
Not to worry. The prices of our products will show in the country you live in to provide you with accurate pricing based on the exchange rate. As we are located in Canada, the checkout will default back to CAD. However,  once you make your purchase your order will be charged to you in your currency.