Measuring Correctly

Want to ensure that you are measuring correctly before ordering? No problem! Follow our simple guide below to measure for the correct sizing to ensure you purchase the right sizing for you or the individual you are fitting.

* Please note all order sizes are for average builds for age categories.

To measure simply take a flexible measuring tape and measure from the rear left or rear right pant line over the opposite side shoulder, straight down to the front pant line (as shown in the picture below and similar to how one suspender strap would normally fit).

Write down the measurement in inches. Please note - if you are unable to measure in inches, take the measurement in your desired units and use a unit converter to determine the length in inches.

Once you have determined the length then add 4-6 inches for smaller sizes and 6-10 inches for larger sizes and choose a size somewhere within the extra added inches for ease of adjustment for the suspenders.

How to measure suspenders size. Measuring Suspenders Size

Still not sure if you are measuring correctly? Simply send us a message on our "Contact" page and we will assist you to ensure your measurements are correct!