Accessorizing with Bow Ties and Suspenders

Mens style can be interpreted in so many different ways. There are a variety of ways that you can personalize your style sense. With bow ties and suspenders it's easy for you to custom your look the way you want to. So what is the look you are going for and what are you trying to say with these accessories? We’re talking about a few different takes on adding these accessories to your look.

accessorizing with bow ties and suspenders

Bold and Fashionable

Color trends change so often and with endless color variations to choose from, you can easily accessorize your bow tie and suspenders set to add fashionable and daring elements to your style all while keeping comfortable dress shirts and pants. Try something that everyone likes but may not commonly use such as turquoise, lavender or clementine. Or if you prefer, mix and match two colors that blend well together. The options are endless. Sometimes the best way to be bold is by using currently fashionable or unique colors with your accessories rather than your base clothing pieces, which can sometimes result in a fashion fail. By being bold with your accessories you will guarantee yourself success. 


The Classic Gentlemen

The gentlemen look is always a safe style to choose, but the best thing about it is that it always looks great! Clean lines, solid colors and deep hues that blend well together can make anyone look great. Always stay with the basic colors without adding too many different shades or patterns. Navy's, black, white and deep reds are always the top choices when it comes to styling for the classic gentlemen look. Save the patterns and bold colors for a different day with this style. Its great because there are still lots of colors to choose from to help style this look to match your personality.

Fun and Different

Create something that everyone will remember by adding bow tie and suspenders accessories that incorporate unique patterns, something your passionate about or something that is currently trending in the media. There are so many personalized bow ties out there that you can use, even if its with a solid color of suspenders. We have often seen our mathematics bow ties used by teachers or our music bow ties as part of a musicians outfit for a band performance. It lets people know what your interested in without having to say anything at all. Keep the seriousness at home for the night and have fun with it. We've seen it all, your favourite country, superhero or even quotes have all been used. 

The options are endless which can leave you feeling at ease, especially if you are trying to go for something that is completely different from everyone else. Think about what you are looking for, do some research (we all know there is so much inspiration out there) and roll with it!

Mens Bow Tie and Suspenders

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