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Blush Pink | Mens Wedding Attire

We've had a lot of questions come in about our pink bow ties and suspenders, specifically regarding our pastel and blush pink shades. Light pinks have been quite a popular color for us so far this year. 

It seems that pink in mens wear is becoming increasing more common. You see shades of pink in shirts, blazermens wedding suspenders and bowtie in blush pinks, shorts and all kinds of accessories. It's not very often where you don't see someone rocking some sort of pink in their attire or every day wear. It mixes well with so many other colors, blends with different skin tones and looks great in any light. It's no wonder these unique light shades of pink have risen to become popular colors and a top wedding contender this year. While many people are wrapping up their weddings this past spring, I am sure that we will see this color trend continue through the summer and into the late fall. It's great on its own and and fits well as a simple accent. Not to mention that it's a great match for a gentlemen to match with his bride or date to their event. 

So what goes well with light pink? Well to put it simply, so many colors! Black, white, light blues, dark blues, taupe, beige and so much more. We have to say though that the winner and our favorite color combo goes to pastel pink and navy blue. The sophistication of a well put together navy suit, with a pastel or light pink neck tie or bow tie can never do you wrong. Even better, it looks amazing! It's been a popular color combo this year for us here at Mr. Bow Tie and we completely understand why. Check out some of our inspiration on our Pinterest page to see a few of our favourite styles that we have recently seen.

With so many shades of pink to choose from, we have listed three of our most popular shades of light pink. Our color selection offers a variety of pinks totaling 14 different shades, of which our three most popular light shades are Parfait Pink, Blush Pink and Pastel Pink. While all on the lighter shade of the spectrum each are very unique in their own way.

Blush Pink Neck Ties and Bow Ties

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