Bow Ties and Suspenders | Most Popular Colors in 2019

At the end of year, we really like to look back and see what the year brought us here at our Mr. Bow Tie shop. We always try to offer a variety of colors so that everyone can pick what they are really looking for. As a result, we often wonder, "What did people like best?" or "Will a certain color keep its popularity from last year?" There are so many things we wonder about and its always exciting to reflect at the end of the year, and with having so many different colors to choose from, we like to share our findings. Here we are counting down the top five most popular colors of 2019! 

Here they are!

#5 - Navy
The first time on our most popular list, Navy was a hit this year! As anticipated in early predictions for popular colors for the 2019 year, it truly was. A dark shade of blue that accompanies so many different colors well. It's no doubt this shade of blue has made it on the list of our top colors for the year!

Navy Blue

Blush Pink climbed one spot in popularity this year, making it into our top five list two years in a row. This year we noticed accents of blush pink in so many accessories so we were not surprised that we had lots of interest in this color, and we were happy to answer your questions! I mean what's not to love? This shade of pink mixes well with so many other colors and looks good in any light. It's no wonder this unique shade of pink was a top wedding and graduation contender this year. 

Blush Pink Bow Tie and Suspenders

#3 - Burnt Orange
We always get asked a lot about our oranges. Many people are often looking for a very specific shade of orange, and this shade always seems to be it! This burnt orange vibes fresh fall feels all around and was still popular throughout all the seasons! A rich color that draws you in and it's a personal favourite from our team.

burnt orange

#2 - Juniper Green
The woodsy and natural vibe just seems to always been what people are looking for. That's probably why it's one of our most popular colors ever since we added to the lineup. It's just one of those colors where the shade of green can be used both as a subtle accent and a bold color for any occasion. You just can't go wrong with Juniper Green.

Juniper Green Bow Tie and Suspenders

#1 - Deep Burgundy Wine
The most popular color for two years in a row! Really, truly, there is no color quite like our deep burgundy wine. A rich and sophisticated color that meshed well so with many different colors. 
Not only does it collaborate well for a modern look, but also it allows for you to add those vintage flairs that make everyone turn their heads and think, “why didn’t I think of that”.

Burgundy Bow Tie and Suspenders

There you have it. Our five most popular colors in 2019. Will they be just a popular in 2020? We will have to wait and see! As we wrap up this year we can't help but be thankful for all of those given us feedback, sent us pictures and supported our business! See you in the new decade, 2020!

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