Your Prom Night Style! It's Dapper vs. Bold.

Do I want to be dapper or do I want to be bold? That is the question! Who would have known your grad look would be so hard! Firstly, you never know where to begin, and secondly what do I want my style to look like? You may ask yourself, “do I want to stand out and make a statement?” or “do I want to keep it cool and rock the dapper look all evening long?” For us, personally, it’s the dapper look all the way; however, there is something so great about being bold and confident in what you wear.

We love seeing all the different selections for graduation and prom season that are ordered. To help everyone out, we are reviewing three bold colors and three dapper colors that are all ready for your celebratory evening! 

The Bold

It's the good old fashioned saying, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" We've all heard it before and some of us love to live by that, and why not? Experimenting with our choices, styles and looks is important to us and adding our own flair to things keeps it interesting. Here we have three bold colors that we are choosing for prom night.


Green Bow Ties - Lime Green. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties

Lime: Vibrant, confident and a show stopper. Lime green sets the stage for an outfit to be remembered and will have people commenting on you all night!

Pink Bow Tie - Rose Pink. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties, Made in Canada

Rose: Subtle, but also a daring move to get that shade of pink in your formal wear. You know you won't be overlooked, but rather a second glance is what you will get by everybody who passes you.
Orange Bow Ties - Clementine Orange. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties, Made in Canada

Clementine: Not everyone can pull this one off, but you know that you can and you’ll rock it all evening long! This shade of orange looks amazing no matter where your environment takes you.

The Dapper

A gentleman in his element. Classic and trim lines. Sometimes style doesn't have to be complicated. Focusing on just a well groomed look. It doesn't always have to be about adding different elements to your look. Sometimes subtle variations are more than enough. Here we have three dapper colors for prom night.

Blue Bow Ties - Navy Blue. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties, Made in Canada
Midnight Blue: So sophisticated; so in-style that it’s like your made your way to the red carpet. Sometimes it’s the little tweaks that add a special touch to your look and this almost black is just that.

Gray Bow Ties - Grey Bow Tie. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties, Made in Canada

Slate Gray: Nothing but clean-cut sophistication here. Grays go well with pretty much anything and look sharp no matter what way it's incorporated into your outfit.

Red Bow Ties - Classic Red Bow Ties. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties, Made in Canada

Classic Red: Playing it safe and looking good the whole time! There’s nothing wrong with just being dapper and knowing it. Back it basics with that classic red can add just the right amount of color to any suit or outfit.

We’ve taken a quick look at six great colors for your graduation or prom night. Perhaps none of them are what you are looking for; and that’s okay! We have so many different shades and colors to choose from. Style for a formal night; a rather important formal night that is, can come in so many different ways. Whatever color it is that you decide on, don’t forget that this is a night to remember, so enjoy it, look great and celebrate your accomplishments!

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