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At Mr. Bow Tie all of our products are made-to-order, but what does that really mean to you, the customer? In today’s trendy and ever-changing society, customizing to a customers specifications is key. Everyone is looking for something specific and often companies can’t supply everything their customers are looking for. As a result, you often find your options are limited and the color selections are uninspiring. We’ve seen so many places where you’re guaranteed to find your basic color options including one shade of red, black and gray; but where are the juniper greens, saffron yellows and light lavenders? Well because we have fully embraced the made-to-order customization process, we can make that happen!

Custom Made Bow Ties and Suspenders - Mens Fashion Blog - Blog Post - Mens Clothing

Everyone is looking for their own product, something that was designed specifically for them; for their event. They don’t want something that has been pre-made for the general public that’s been made months ago and is now sitting on a shelf somewhere, hoping that someone will someday buy it. What makes us at Mr. Bow Tie so different is that because we use the made-to-order customization process we are able to have over 100 colour options to choose from and offer sizes that range from toddler all the way up to adult. That includes 6 shades of yellow, 17 purples, a wide variety of pinks, grays and our newly offered mix n’ match option, which allows you to choose from an endless number of color variations. 

We want to be part of your event, and participate in the uniqueness of your design elements, that’s why we are so happy we built our company around this process. As we work with you to build your specific style, it allows for us to give you exactly what you are looking for and make a product that was designed for you, not just someone like you. Before you purchase your product our office is filled with bolts of fabric that will be pulled off the shelf and hand-crafted into your desired choice once your order has been received. To watch it happen is truly remarkable. With made-to-order products it allows us to provide the customization opportunity to give our customers a better purchasing experience and keeps us happy as we get to participate in all of those big events that our customers have up and coming.

Hand Made Bow Ties and Suspenders - Fashion Blog - Mens Fashion Blog Post - Custom Made Products


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