Fall Wedding Colors

The fall wedding season is fast approaching. You must be thinking about it, because well, we are! We're brewing up a storm preparing for all the fall weddings, events and homecoming. Fall brings a variety of new colors that are earthy and rich to match the season. Here is a quick post on five of our favourite colors (not only in general) but specifically for the Fall wedding season!

They are SaffronHunter GreenAutumn Orange, Dark Taupe and Merlot.

There's just something about these colors that mesh so well with the season. Each of them so unique in tone and blend so well with the changing skies and colour of the autumn leaves. It's so hard to pick just one color! On top of that, we offer a variety of different shades of each of these colors so if you are already having a tough time deciding; it may just get a bit tougher! Luckily for all of us, they all look great. Whichever color you decide to choose just don't forget to feel your best and pick a shade that fit you and the overall feel of your upcoming wedding! Enjoy the cooler weather and fall leaves everyone!

Dark Orange Bow Tie and SuspendersYellow Bow Tie and SuspendersJuniper Green Bow Tie and SuspendersTaupe Bow Tie and SuspendersBurgundy Bow Tie and Suspenders

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