2017's Top Color Choices

We all know that everyone dreams of something amazing for his or her special day. There are always so many decisions to be made and color choices are often made to tie everything together. When choosing colors we envision the statement we are trying to make which can often vary greatly between people. Some want to stand out, some try to mimic an inspiration and others work to master a classic look. Whatever your goal may be, there are so many colors to choose from! Greens, reds, purples or even whites! The options are endless and don’t forget all those shades you have to choose from to narrow it down. Ocean blue, midnight black or crimson red, it can be so hard to narrow it down to find exactly what you are looking for! At Mr. Bow Tie we love the variety that we are able to offer to make all that happen. We understand the importance of finding that perfect color. 2017 was a year of so many shades for us. With so many people looking for something different we added so many new colors to keep up with all the requests. We are telling you what our biggest sellers of last year were. Don’t worry though, we are also working tell you what we think the big trends in the upcoming year will be as well!

#5 – Charcoal Gray
Smokey and Stylish - Charcoal Gray often ties together the mysterious black and the timeless attitude of white.

Gray Bow Tie - Charcoal. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties

 #4 – 30’s Yellow
Fun and Fresh - 30’s Yellow brings in the element of surprise, keeping things light and memorable.

Yellow Bow Tie - Light Yellow. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties

#3 – Mauve
Subtle and Calm - Mauve mixes the element of royal elegance while still being lighthearted and cheerful.

Purple Bow Tie - Mauve. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties

 #2 – Burgundy Wine

Established and Classy - Burgundy Wine brings in that classy element to a formal event and a boldness of knowing what you want.

Burgundy Bow Tie - Burgundy Wine. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties

#1 – Juniper Green
Woodsy and Natural - Juniper Green brings in the element of nature and the calmness of the forest to keep things free and lively. 

Green Bow Tie - Juniper Green. Wedding Bow Tie, Grad Bow Tie, Mens Bow Ties

While these were our top picks from you in 2017, we never want to forget those honourable mentions! They include Blush Pink, Prune, Mint, Eggplant and Lilac. It was a year filled with so much variety, lots of shades of purple and the top spot being taken by one of our newest additions!

With ever changing trends and styles we are excited to see what those top spots will be in 2018.

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