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Hello Burgundy! Mens Fashion

There has been a lot of focus this year on burgundy’s. It seems that you can’t go anywhere without seeing some sort of burgundy element in men’s formal wear; which is great because we couldn’t agree more!  Bow ties, suspenders, neck ties, socks, vests and even pants. Burgundy has Mens Burgundy Fashion - Burgundy Bow Tie and Suspendersdone nothing but explode into men’s accessories. While burgundy’s have been staying low key over the last few years, they are showing up everywhere and it makes perfect sense! A sophisticated, rich color that blends well so many different shades. Not only does it collaborate well for a modern look, but also it allows for you to add those vintage flairs that make everyone turn their heads and think, “’why didn’t I think of that”. We’ve welcomed burgundy back onto the scene with open arms, and in particular its combination with navy blues, black, tans and even leather. Its important to note that those are just our favourites, and that it goes with so much more than just that!  It all blends well whether you’re looking to break the fashion rules or not. 

While burgundy has most often been seen in the winter and fall months, it’s stormed into the summer season without hesitation, especially within the wedding season. Everyone knows that weddings are generally focused on the bride, but hey, the groom needs to look good too! So its no doubt that the summer burgundy trends are in full force.

Click here to shop Mr. Bow Ties current shades of burgundy ranging from a formal burgundy to a burgundy wine or a dark merlot that all add their own rich element of sophistication to almost any formal wear fashion trend.

Mens Burgundy Fashion - Burgundy Bow Tie and Suspenders

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