How To Tie a Tie - Full Windsor Knot

Largely known to be named after the Duke of Windsor, the Full Windsor, otherwise known as the Double Windsor is a wide knot that is symmetrical, triangular and a classic knot for a tie. While there are a number of steps to successfully completing this knot, its worth it and looks great with any style of tie. The tie will stay in place, and does not slip away very easily, keeping it well situated no matter what activities you are doing. 

The Full Windsor is a great knot for any type of event or social setting and will work well not only for weddings, but also graduation or prom. As it is situated on the formal end of the spectrum, it allows for versatility and can be considered to be very sophisticated, crisp and dapper. We recommend that if you are not looking for something that is as professional or "proper" to consider the Half-Windsor Knot, which insinuates a more relaxed and low-key vibe, but still meshes very well with any type of events. Refer to our Half Windsor Knot blog post here for more details and tying instructions. Enough of that already, let's get started!


Full Windsor Knot | How To Tie A Tie


  1. Place the tie around your neck with the wide end on the right and the skinny end on the left. Position the wide end lower than the skinny end.
  2. Cross the wide end over the skinny end towards the left.
  3. Fold it up through the neck loop from underneath and then pass it down to the left side.
  4. Cross it underneath the skinny end towards the right.
  5. Fold it through the neck loop and then pass it down to the right side.
  6. Cross it over the skinny end towards the left.
  7. Fold it up through the neck loop from underneath.
  8. Pass it down through the loop you’ve created in the knot.
  9. Pull down on the wide end to fasten the knot and then slide it up towards your neck.


Things to consider with the Full Windsor Knot

-As the Windsor Knot uses a significant amount of fabric, it's essential to have the wide end of the tie much lower than the narrow end. Start with the narrow end of the tie 3-4 inches below the chest. 
-The Windsor Knot can be worn easily with both slim, skinny and standard neck ties, so don't be afraid to try it with all types. 

All our neck ties at Mr. Bow Tie are made with 100% cotton material. They may need a quick steam refresh with an iron once they have been tied to get out any kinks in the fabric.




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