Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Bow Ties Over Neck Ties

Trendy dressing styles can often be short lasting and hard to successfully achieve. This is largely due to fashion trends changing with the blink of an eye. While some trends fade fast and never return, others run through a revolving door where they vanish and then show up again unannounced in a way that you can't seem to escape. The great things about bow ties is that they are always there and always popular with different demographics.

Bow ties are not a newly invented accessory, but recently they have received some exclusive attention not only from celebrities, but also from millennials and people of all ages. People have started incorporating bow ties over regular ties for weddings, prom and all sorts of formal events, and for very obvious reasons. However, some people still find it hard to adopt this trend. While bow ties have been around for so many years, some still choose to go with a traditional neck tie simply because its a "safe choice" or they know it will serve a good result in the end. We need to remember that bow ties are an option as well and they will continue to be.

So why choose a bow ties over neck ties? What is it about these two accessories that makes them both different? Yes, they may serve a similar purpose; however, the execution of each can be significantly different, especially in the style you are trying to showcase.

If you are on the fence of whether to choose a bow tie or a traditional neck tie; while both are great options here are five reasons for choosing bow ties over neck ties.

1. It adds elegance with its exclusive look. There is something about a bow tie that a neck tie cannot offer. Its sharpness, intensity and perhaps undeniable dapper swag. People look once, then they look again.

2. It is supremely trendy and looks appealing to the eyes. Bow ties have always been around; however, they add a trendy element to your style. It shows that you are present; you have arrived, without even having to say anything.

3. It can be worn with different dressing styles such as a suit, shirt, and sweater, etc. Bow ties have developed an adaptability to mould all sorts of styles. Whether its something formal or something casual, it always fits in.

4. It holds the short collar better than anything else including the tie. All-in-all, it just looks and fits better in these cases.

5. It has become a must-have dress code for the special events such as weddings, official parties, or even late-night parties.

A bow tie is definitely a win-win when it comes to flaunting it at the special events. However, it can also be worn in the daily routine but then it requires a finely fitted suit/shirt to compliment it well.

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