Popular Bow Tie and Suspenders Colors of 2018!

At Mr. Bow Tie we do our best to offer a wide variety of colors. We want our customers to find what they are looking for and help them find that exact shade of purple or hue of green for their wedding, graduation or special occasion. Trust us, we know it's not easy to find what you are looking for! Despite color trends or popular fashion choices, individuality for special occasions is popular as well, so it's always fun for us to see (and share) what our most popular colors were for the year! 

Were ringing in the new year sharing the top five colors from our selection with interest in finding out what 2019 will bring us! *Spoiler Alert* Two of our top colors from 2017 also made the list in 2018. Here they are!

#5 - Blush Pink
Widely known for its soft and comfortable hue, easily a favourite for many when selecting from so many shades of pink. Blush Pink was a popular choice in 2017 and become even more popular for us in 2018. As it fits with all the seasons, its no reason it continues to be our most popular pink!

Blush Pink Bow Tie and Suspenders

#4 - Merlot
A rich and dark shade of burgundy (just as great as a fine bottle of Merlot itself). We offer three shades of burgundy and its evident to be a very popular color during the summer and fall wedding season. Merlot was new shade in 2018, so we were excited to see that people loved it as much as we did when we decided to add it to our collection!

Burgundy Bow Tie and Suspenders

#3 - Lavender
 popular choice for the spring and summer wedding season. With so many shades of purple, lavender wins with its refreshing and clean feeling. Not to mention it fits in well with so many different colors!

Lavender Purple Bow Tie and Suspenders

#2 - Juniper Green
ur top pick our 2017 and our second most popular color is 2018. Wow, just amazing. Juniper Green was a equally popular amongst all wedding seasons and graduations. A shade of green that so natural and striking. Its just one of those colors that naturally fits in so well with all those outdoor wedding photos.

Juniper Green Bow Tie and Suspenders

#1 - Deep Burgundy Wine
urgundy, burgundy, burgundy! Our Deep Burgundy Wine went from second place in 2017 to the top spot in 2018! There sure is something special about this shade. Its elegant, classy and adds to that gentlemen look for any occasion. 

Burgundy Bow Tie and Suspenders

 There you have it. Our five most popular colors in 2018. Will they be just a popular in 2019? We will have to wait and see! We are so thankful to be part of so many peoples special occasions and we can't wait to see what 2019 will bring us. Stay tuned for a few new color selections coming soon.


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