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We couldn't be more excited to announce that we have added neck ties to our Mr. Bow Tie collection. Over the last year and half we have had a number of our customers ask if we can make neck ties to go with their order. Every so often we have been able to make neck ties for our customers to match to their bow ties or suspenders sets. Well we couldn't be more thrilled to announce that we have added neck ties in 23 of our most popular colors!

So what are they like? Well, we'll tell you! Our neck ties are designed as slim ties, so they are slightly smaller than a traditional neck tie, but still larger than a skinny tie. They are 2.75" at the widest point and are made with the same 100% cotton material that we use to make our bow ties and suspenders. 

Looking for bow ties, suspenders and ties for your wedding, prom, graduation or special event? Well with our neck ties now you have that option to pick and choose the style you are looking for. 

To check out the colors that we currently have available, head over to the collection page and have a look, or check out some of our favourites in the picture below!

Neck Ties and Suspenders for Men



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