Colour Swatches

Mr. Bow Tie is able to create custom bow ties and/or suspenders in almost any color. We stock up on the current trends with a splash of unique gems to make sure our selection of colours suits any event, whether that be formal/informal events, weddings, graduations, recitals, special holidays, or just everyday fun.

Colour Matching

At Mr. Bow Tie, we want your order to be as much of a success for your event as you do! So to prevent any shipping headaches or colour matching mishaps, we highly suggest reading the following disclaimer before ordering our swatches, bow ties and/or suspenders.


Want a colour swatch for colour matching?  A swatch listing is available under each listing of Bow Ties/Suspenders, or a full swatch listing is available to choose each colour in a drop down menu.

Please order at least 8 weeks before your event. It will take approximately 10-12 business days to ship to destinations out of Canada, and within individual Canadian provinces, not including the time to process through customs.

Also add the date of your event in the notes when ordering swatches.

Bow Ties and Suspenders

When should you complete your order?

Please order your colour matched bow ties and/or suspenders at least 6 weeks before your event. Just in case we have to restock that particular colour or our production time is long due to high demand.

Colour Suggestions

If a color you are looking for is not shown, feel free to message with a photograph of the colour you are wishing to match (i.e. fabric, dress, clothes, etc.), and we will see if there is anything close or available.

Referencing Stocked Colours

Photos of stocked colours are added below to help show specific colour tones and hues side by side. Most of these colours and more new ones are available in our Online Shop and can be viewed and referenced by colour/number.

Please Note: Computer monitors can distort the true color/shade of our products’ photos. If you are wanting an exact match for your event, we highly recommend purchasing swatches ahead of time.

Limited Colour of Choice

If the colour of choice does not have as many items/sets as you need, please message us with the number of sets required and the required date, and we will be happy to see if we can accommodate your request.


List of colors available against similar shades of colours

 Bow Ties and Suspenders - Color Swatches - Mr Bow Tie

 Bow Ties and Suspenders - Color Swatches - Mr Bow Tie

 Bow Ties and Suspenders - Color Swatches - Mr Bow Tie

 Bow Ties and Suspenders - Color Swatches - Mr Bow Tie

 Bow Ties and Suspenders - Color Swatches - Mr Bow Tie