Pocket Squares - Solid Colours

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 Pocket Squares are available to match your bow ties and suspenders or for individual purchase. Each pocket square is approximately 13" squares inches (33 cm square)

All pocket squares are made from 100% quality cotton fabric

Swatches available for purchase from our swatch listing.

Availability of pocket squares depends on amount of fabric on hand. If you do not see the color preferred or the number required listed in the drop down menu, please message with number/color choice, date required and location to be shipped. 

Machine wash warm and dry on delicate cycle. Iron and repress as desired. Slight shrinkage may occur from cotton material.

Examples of Folds

The Straight Fold
The straight fold is the most simple pocket square folds. You will end up with a small rectangle displayed out of your suit pocket. Here is how to fold it:

1. Lay your pocket square flat.
2. Bring the left side over to right side.
3. Bring the bottom over towards the top, but don’t fold it all the way.
4. Fold the fabric horizontally so that it will fit your suit pocket.

The One Corner Fold
With the one corner fold, you’ll have a small peak of fabric coming out your pocket. Here’s how to fold it:

1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface, with one corner facing up and one corner facing down so it looks like you have a baseball diamond in front of you.
2. Bring the bottom point to the top point so that you create a triangle.
3. Bring the left corner of the triangle to the right corner, and the right corner to the left corner. You should end up with a long rectangle with a point at the top. It looks similar to a fence slat.
4. Fold the bottom towards the top, but not all the way.
5. Place it in your suit. Adjust until you get the desired amount of point coming out of the pocket.

The Puff Fold
The pocket square puff fold is generally more suited for silk fabrics for puffiness, but can still be achieved with cotton material. 

The puff fold is one of the simplest of the folds. The desired result is to have a small puff of fabric coming out your suit pocket. Here’s how to fold it:

1. Lay the pocket square flat.
2. Pinch the middle of the fabric, allowing the folds to come in naturally.
3. With one hand firmly holding the pocket square, use your other hand to gently gather it together.
4. Now gracefully gather up the bottom of the pocket square.
5. Place it in your suit. Fiddle with it until you get the desired puffiness.


Customer Reviews

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Matched perfect to the bow ties

Loved the pocket square. Great quality and was the exact same color as the bow ties we ordered. 5 stars!